Marriage Help

This is the place to find help for your marriage

Why do many marriages need help? Statistics show us that divorce is at one of the highest rates that it has ever been here in the United States of America. Why are these statistics so high? It is because that to have a marriage last it, takes work. Many people run into problems in their marriage and simply throw in the towel and think that there is no hope.

This is where Crisis Family Care, Inc. comes into play. We are here, "Helping Families in Need." We are Helping Families through many different ways. First of all through Marriage Seminars. Founder and Owner Butch Heath maintains a busy schedule of Marriage Enrichment Seminars, helping numerous families all around the world find purpose and hope in their marriage.

Crisis Family Care also offers Online Counseling. If you find your marriage is at a crisis, please check out our counseling services. Our counseling is from a Biblical perspective, and our counselors offer many years of experience in pastoral counseling. You will also find our rates some of the best on the internet.

Also at Crisis Family Care we offer many articles on marriage, and also seminars that are free. Maybe you don't have the money to attend a large seminar. You can make yourself available to our Free Marriage Seminars and download them for your own use at home. These seminars if read through and properly applied will go a long ways to help your marriage and they will give you great relationship advice, and will also provide a way to give you Free Marriage Counseling.

At Crisis Family Care it is our hope and prayer that you will find our free resources a help in your marriage and family and that somehow God will help us to be a part of strengthening and helping your marriage so that you will not become a part of the rising divorce statistics.