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You will find links to all sorts of Counseling Resources.

Crisis Family Care Home Page

- This is where you will find links for all of our Marriage Counseling and Marriage Seminar resources.

About Crisis Family Care

- This is where you will find all the information about the starting of Crisis Family Care. You will also find out about the founder, Butch Heath and the Goals of the organization.

Contact Crisis Family Care

- This is where you can go if you need to contact us. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Helps For Disciplining Your Children

- Have you been feeling strung out with the job of disciplining your kids. We have a lot of information to help you out! Don't feel frustrated - GET EQUIPPED!

Family Help

- Is your family in need of help. So many families are in trouble and don't know where to turn. We have a lot of helps for families in need. Also if you are in need of counseling, Crisis family care does Phone and Online Counseling. If you have a telephone or a computer connection you can get help now!

Free Counseling Education

- Are you a pastor or maybe a counselor, and you would like some education to help you in your counseling efforts. We have a lot of Free Counseling Education for your use.

Marriage Counseling

- Is your marriage in trouble? Do you feel like your marriage needs help? We have the help for you! We offer marriage enrichment seminars as well as online and telephone Marriage counseling. Don't delay! Get help for your Marriage TODAY!

Marriage Counseling Articles

- Here you will find different articles on Marriage Counseling. These are articles dealing with every aspect of marriage counseling, Counseling Qualifications, Pre-Marital Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling of Couples that need help in their marriage etc.

Marriage Counseling Resources

- Here you will find resources for your marriage counseling. We have various articles that will help you as a pastor to counsel couple in need. We also have numerous Pastoral resources for use as a Marriage Enrichment seminar. These seminars can be used as a sermon, or as a special Marriage Enrichment Weekend. They come with student handouts as well as deeply researched material ready to be used immediately.

Pre-Marital Counseling

- Here you will find information on Pre-Marital Counseling. Why do couples need Counseling Pre-Marriage? What is the importance of this counseling? And as a pastor or counselor, what topics should I cover this type of counseling? Maybe you are a new pastor, and you are a bit worried about your first Pre-Marital Counseling session. Don't worry, we can help you with this task!

Pre-Marriage Counseling

- Here you will find more information to help you in your pre-marriage counseling.

Biblical Counseling

- There is a lot of "secular" counseling in our world, but what is the importance of "Biblical Counseling?" What is Biblical counseling? Here you will find the answer to these important questions.

Marriage Enrichment Seminars

- Here you will find our marriage enrichment seminars. We have complete material for your next marriage enrichment weekend, including teacher notes, and student handouts. If you are in need of material for a marriage seminar but you don't have the money to pay someone to come and present it you can use our materials and present the material yourself.

Marriage Help

- If you need help in your Marriage NOW, don't delay go here and get that help before it is too late. Here you will find practical relationship advice to help you marriage that you can use right away. Also you will find out how you can get extended help through our online or telephone counseling. Divorce rates are climbing, don't be the next statistic - GET HELP FOR YOUR MARRIAGE WITHOUT DELAY!

Online Counseling

- Come here if you need counseling now. If you have a telephone or a computer, we can help you. Many people find their marriage on the rocks and they don't know where to turn. They may be too embarrassed to go to counseling in their area for fear that someone might see them. This is where we come in. We are able to provide confidential online or telephone counseling for a reasonable price. Don't delay another day, contact us to see how we can help you!

Parenting Principles

- Our world is in a mess. Political chaos, and moral decay on every hand. Why are we in such a mess? It is because of the decline of the basic family unit. Here you will find basic parenting advice. Some would have you to believe that you just raise them how you want. But are there principles that we as parents should follow? You will find some basic principles to help you raise your family to make a difference in this world.

Relationship Advice

- Who doesn't need help in their relationships? Most schools and colleges don't have a class entitled Relationships 101. Therefore we need help in to maintain a healthy relationship. Here you will find that advice. Is your sex life dull? Do you find you and your spouse fighting more often then not? We can help you!

Tips For A Better Sex Life

- Has your sex life grown dull and boring? Maybe you don't have a sex life in your marriage. If you remember better days, and you would like to bring them back, come here for some practical advice.

Tips To Enhance Your Marriage

- Any time a man and women come together in holy matrimony, it is not too long until they realize the difficulty of maintaining a healthy relationship. One must work to keep a marriage vital and healthy. Here you will find tips to help you enhance your marriage.

Free Marriage Seminar

- If you are looking for a Free Marriage Seminar or if you are a pastor and would like to know how to have a Free Marriage Seminar in your church, this is where you will find out how you can do that.

Marriage Seminars

- Crisis Family Care, Inc. is in the business of helping the family through Marriage Seminars. We give marriage seminars through special weekends called Marriage Enrichment weekends, but we also provide the material for you to be able to give your own Marriage Seminar.

Parent Coach Plan

- We offer parenting and discipline products that are affordable and easy-to-implement. Feel free to read our articles, print off some of our free parenting tools, or post a message in our forum. This is a fun site that gives parents a unique perspective. This site was created by an individual that used to work in a psychiatric hospital for children.

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