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With divorce rates at a steady climb, there are thousands of couples looking for Marriage Counseling. Combine the fact that we are living in days of incredible economic struggle and that means that there are many couples whose marriage is in a crisis that are looking for Free Marriage Counseling.

There are many women who say, "My husband doesn't know how to communicate." And many men who say, "She just isn't fulfilling my needs." If that is where you find yourself then come get some advice for your relationship. We have some great articles that will give you wonderful Relationship Advice. If you have come to our site desperately looking for help in your marriage, or maybe you are looking for some Crisis Marriage Counseling, contact us right away or fill out our counseling evaluation form and look through our site our great Marriage Enrichment Lessons and Resources.

1About Us

The service of Crisis Family Care (CFC) is working to make a dramatic difference in every home in the United States and many other countries around the world.

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2Our Purpose

The purpose of Crisis Family Care (CFC) is to offer user-friendly teaching materials on the many issues of the family and direct online christian counseling for individual application.

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3Our Seminars

We are happy to provide you with several different Christian Marriage Enrichment Seminars that include the teaching notes and handout notes.

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Free Marriage or Family Counseling
Help for the marriage in crisis or the family in need!

If you are desperate for help in your marriage or in your family but you cannot afford the traditional programs or counseling please fill out our counseling evaluation form and get your truly FREE MARRIAGE/FAMILY COUNSELING!Read more